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Sibila Extreme Vocal

If you are looking for ways to learn how to scream, growl, sing with distortion or simply make your voice more powerful without pain, you have come to the right place!
Sibila Extreme Vocal is an extreme dedication to vocal development in its heaviest, brutal form such as growl, scream, guttural and singing with distortion, as well as healthy and effective voice emission. All in order to become a better and more aware vocalist in a safe way every day!

Welcome to Sibila Extreme Vocal, a place dedicated to extreme vocal techniques such as Fry Scream and False Chord with vocal effects like scream, growl, guttural and distortion for singing!

You will find here information about everything you need to start your adventure with metal vocals and how to master them in a healthy and effective way to unleash your maximum vocal potential! It is also a great place for more experienced vocalists who are looking for ways to take their vocals to the next level, for example by learning new skills, perfecting their current technique or getting rid of bad habits.

When I was taking my first steps as a vocalist in 2012, it was extremely difficult to find reliable, effective and safe methods for developing extreme vocal techniques.

After watching dozens materials on YouTube, I felt even more confused and tired. I decided that I would embark on a journey through the world of extreme vocals on my own and using the trial and error method, sometimes painful, I would figure out what actually works, what is effective but also safe for the voice, and what should be avoided at any cost!

That’s when I also decided that when I was ready, I would create an effective and safe exercise program so that no one else would ever have to go through the same shit I did. Everyone will be able to gain proven knowledge and methods to improve their voice right NOW, avoiding all the possible traps that only cause pain, discomfort, waste of time or frustration.

That was many years ago.

Now, even beginners I train with, are able to make much better progress in about 3 months than I did in over 1.5 years of experiments and bouncing from one YouTube video to the next. All thanks to receiving a ready-made and proven action plan and avoiding all the mistakes and traps that most beginner extreme vocalists fall into.

During our practice, we will master 5 main elements of extreme vocals:

– BREATH SUPPORT (coordinating the diaphragm and core muscles with the voice while singing and screaming),
– VOICE EMISSION (a well-set, resonant voice free from unnecessary tension is the foundation of any vocal technique!),
– GROWL, SCREAM, DISTORTION, KARGYRAA THROAT SINGING, GUTTURAL, PIG SQUEAL using techniques such as Fry Scream and False Chord!

Additionally, we will deal with issues such as:

vocal hygiene – how to take care of your voice, how to avoid overtraining it, and how to help your voice recover faster when you are ill, tired or practiced too hard
expanding your vocal range, both up and down!
releasing and avoiding unnecessary tension around the entire vocal tract and the whole body
– natural strengthening of your voice
– simple and effective vocal warm-ups
– improving the resonance and smooth transitions between vocal registers to avoid vocal breaks while singing and screaming (e.g. when switching between highs and lows).

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