Extreme Vocals A Beginner's Guide To Singing And Screaming

Extreme Vocals – A Beginner’s Guide To Singing And Screaming” is an e-book (with attached recordings) that will guide you step by step through the world of extreme vocal techniques such as Fry Scream, False Chord Scream, Growl and singing with Distortion, and will present in an easy-to-digest way the most important principles of voice emission and exercises that will help you master them to perfection. All this so that you can achieve your dream vocal style and enjoy a powerful and healthy voice!

The e-book will be useful for both beginners and advanced vocalists. Beginners will gain a proven exercise program, thanks to which they will develop faster and safely, and those more experienced will have the opportunity to take a closer look at their current technique to find out what already works well and what (and how) can be improved to take their vocals to the next level (for example learning new skills or getting rid of bad habits).

The content of the e-book was consulted with phoniatrists and physiotherapists, some of whom are also vocalists, professional opera singers and singing teachers.

The exercises presented in the e-book and the accompanying recordings were tested and perfected for several years with dozens of students from all around the world before they were described, recorded and published.