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A Complete Guide To Extreme Vocals New Vocal Course

After several years of supplementing my knowledge about vocals, improving my vocal skills, and creating dozens of new exercises during lessons with my students, I decided to create a brand new course that will help people around the world master the extreme vocal techniques like fry scream, false chord scream, growl and singing with distortion in a healthy and more effective way than ever!

It’s going to help both beginners that want to make sure that they will learn how to scream without hurting their voice and experienced vocalists who look for ways to perfect their current technique, and acquire new skills or get rid of bad habits.

Our practice will start with taking care of the most important aspects of a healthy and effective vocal technique like:

1. Proper posture and being free from constrictions,
2. Balanced breathing technique,
3. Effective breath support,
4. Voice emission and getting to know your own, unique voice.

Once we set the technical foundation, you will be ready to start practicing fry scream, false chord scream, growl, guttural, pig squealsinging with grit and kargyraa throat singing step by step, adjusting the tempo of practice to the needs of your voice!

I am super excited to present you the course “A Complete Guide To Extreme Vocals” that sums up my over 11 year-long experience with singing and screaming, and over 7 year-long experience with teaching vocals to hundreds of students from all around the world, and I hope it will help you “Unleash Your Inner Beast“, have a great practice!

Ready to dive in?