1:1 Vocal Lessons

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During our practice, we will take care of setting the best possible technical foundation and developing habits that will help your vocals develop efficiently, quickly and safelywithout the risk of tearing your throat and straining your voice, and without the frustration of lack of progress!

If you are already a more experienced vocalist, we will take a closer look at your current technique so that you can find out what already works well and what (and how) could be improved to take your sound and comfort to the next level!

The elements of the mentioned technical foundation are:

1. Posture – if it’s proper, it helps avoid tension, stress and extra effort in the whole body and breathe deeper without thinking about it,

2. Breathing technique – it helps avoid extra pressure in the voice box, stay more energized during the vocal activity and use your breath support more efficiently, which helps achieve a more powerful and deeper sound of vocals without straining your voice,

3. Voice Emission – it’s about learning what pitch, range, level of volume and sound color suit your voice best, and build a deeper connection with your natural, unique voice. It’s also about finding out what types of exercises help your voice to get warmed-up and grow stronger. A well-set voice is firm, confident, rich in overtones yet free from any kind of stress, uncontrolled breathiness or unnecessary force.

Mastering the voice emission, even on a basic level, has a huge impact on the comfort and efficiency of practicing extreme vocals like fry scream, false chord scream and growl, gutturals, singing with distortion or kargyraa throat singing.

For several years, I have been helping people from all over Poland and other parts of the world (including the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Italy, India, Brazil, France) master and develop various types of extreme vocals in a healthy and voice-safe way!

When practicing, an individual approach to each person is something very important to me – practicing with someone who has 10 years of experience with singing and screaming is different, and it will be completely different with a person who is taking vocal lessons for the first time in their lives. – I always try my best to adapt the plan of practice to the experience, needs and interests of each of my students.

Additionally, there is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere – it encourages one to open up to their own voice, which helps a lot in unleashing its beauty, power and potential!

Acquiring 5 lessons = 5% discount, 10 lessons = 10% discount!

PS In case of cancellation or rescheduling of the practice, please inform me at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting or earlier, otherwise it will be treated as if the lesson had taken place. Thanks 🙂